Swinger Videos


Saturday, February 9, 2008

A local news clip on swingers

There has been alot of discussion around this article as of lat in one of the forums we frequest. We have mixed feelings about it too. On one side of the coin we applaud them for speaking out but it does reveal to the masses some insider information that some would prefer to keep private within the inner circles of the lifestyle community.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Differences in club types

We are still very young in our swinging years but we have made it to a few different clubs and events now and it is amazing how different each and every one can be. Even the same venue can change from month to month from being so cliquey you dont want to be there to being so free and open that you have the time of your life. Last weekend we had the best time at our local Meet and Greet. Great food, hosts, and the people were wonderful. Everyone was chatting with everyone and the atmosphere was great. Even the games that most people shy away from got alot of attention this time. We made lots of new friends that we are hoping we can have a long lasting friendship with.

Monday, October 15, 2007

It All Started With a Camping Trip

Our good friends invited us to join them on a family camping trip (June 2007). It all seemed innocent enough, though Mr. Sweet and I cracked jokes when it was decided that the adults share one tent, and the kids share another. The first night, after the kids were all tucked in, our friends revealed to us they had started swinging. I could tell they were very nervous about telling us—especially me, since they had the impression that I was a bit of a prude.

I was very intrigued, though I’d never giving swinging any thought before. It simply never occurred to me that it was an option. I wanted so badly to ask them a bunch of questions, but Mr. Sweet said that, “Hey, that’s great for you and all that, but I don’t think she (Mrs. Sweet) would go for it. Boy, was HE ever wrong! Needless to say, I pulled him aside or a private discussion at the first available opportunity.

The next evening we did ask a bunch of questions, and our friends told us the story of their first Meet & Greet. Let me tell you, it was HOT. I hope they post it someday (hint, hint). Anyway, I got so turned on, Mr. Sweet and I ended up sneaking off to the camp showers in the middle of the night!

A few months later we joined our friends at a Meet & Greet. It was fun, but not nearly as much fun as our initiation later that night. =)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our First Time

It happenned back in 1998. Redgirl stayed home while Mr. Red went out with his bestfriend on a night out on the town. It was his last night before he moved halfway across the country. Needless to say we got slightly drunk and had a really good time. Our friends that we went out with dropped the two of us off at my place since he was spending the night there before leaving and we came home to quite a surprise. Redgirl was there is her skimpiest black Lingerie. She had quite the going away present planned as we soon learned.